There is nothing permanent except change.



Change is a defining feature of organizations. Sometimes the changes are seemingly small: one person leaves the team, a new person joins it. Sometimes the changes are major, for example restructuring, projects in the area of mergers & acquisitions, changes at management level or a new corporate strategy.

Changes unsettle employees, can lead to a boycott and paralyze an organization to a standstill. It is therefore essential to involve employees in good time and to prepare them for the changes.

In cooperation with you I will assess where your organization currently stands and where you want the journey to go. Together, we will ensure that managers and employees are involved rather than affected. In an atmosphere which enables something new to emerge and take root. We anchor the change at both a factual and a relationship level. According to neuroscientific findings, commitment doubles when people feel that they are part of a team and are intrinsically motivated. We use this fact in our work together and allow something new to be created. For example in workshops, team development/training or coaching. We coordinate the procedure individually for your goal and your company.

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