Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein

Cross-cultural competence

The German project staff look worried as their American colleagues have not brought a plan B with them and neither do they show any desire to develop one.
Surprise on the part of the Americans when a German employee openly criticizes a colleague.
Silence on the phone when the Asian supplier is asked about his opinion.
Incomprehension on the part of the German sales manager when all contract details have been discussed in detail several times but the French negotiating partner still wants to discuss the offer with his boss and not make the decision himself.

Cross-cultural cooperation can be very successful: when different cultures combine their potential and use resources, completely new market opportunities can arise.  But cultural differences often make multicultural cooperation difficult. This needn't be so. This seminar is all about how to organize successful cross-cultural cooperation. At the same time, the participants gain increased awareness for the topic of culture and become acquainted with different cultural dimensions.

Seminar content:
What are the distinguishing features of cultures? 
How can the different cultures be used as a strength?
How can effective and efficient cooperation be created?
How can targets be reached together?
What are the cultural practices in certain countries? (Focus: USA, France, Spain, UK)

Target group: 
The seminar is aimed at employees and managers who work in an international context.

2 days